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A Whole Lotta Nuthin.

I could say that I've been REALLY busy, but I really haven't. I guess I've been doing a lot of stuff that amounts to nothing all that interesting. Last week, I finished the fingerless gloves I made for a commission, and they're lovely.
Left Palm and New Jersey Sky
Clearly, so was the weather! I busted out a hoodie twice this week so far, and have been considering scarves. I've also been considering MAKING more scarves; something lacy, something just a little warm, but not woolly. Hmmmmm. But enough of that distraction! I've been teasing myself with a beret that I want to make as a gift, since the koigu Purl Beret came out so well. I scored 5 skeins of Paton's Kroy Sock in black, and it'll take less than one skein to make a beret. In the same clearance sale I also scored:
I had to fight for my right to YAAAAAARN
...which is Wool-Ease Thick n Quick, which I had to fight with this yarn mess in order to get:

Just for a frame of reference, all the skeins visible in that picture have an end tangled into that yarn blob. The blob itself, when lifted, is about the size of a beach ball. Yowza.
Anyway, that Wool Ease will most likely become another Top Hat, maybe as a gift...

SO! I was teasing for three weeks almost about a package I was obsessively tracking its way here? Why, my friends? Well...BEHOLD:
Is that...a SWIFT!?!
There are so many projects I was putting off because I knew I was going to get one, and I finally found a good deal on one, ordered it, and it took FOREVER to get here. BUT! I used it to wind one of my skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock.
Well, now that was fast...
(And took a really crappy pic of it cuz it was really late at night)
Now that I have it, of course I'm not letting myself play with it because A) I was focusing on the commission, and now I'm focused on finishing what's on the needles, especially gifts (discipline is hard, believe me) and B) I have 2 final papers due in 12 days, plus two more weeks of discussions and quizzes before then. So, what am I doing to keep it real? The entrelac Afghan. Nope, not joking. It's one of the gift projects, it will be HUGE, it's keeping me interested, and it's eating yarn at an alarming rate. I thought I had way more than enough yarn, but I'm doing a solid red on the odd tiers, and a shadowed yarn on the even tiers, and the shadowed yarn is almost gone after one tier. Not good. I'm only on the third tier right now, so maybe the leftover amount from that tier isn't as small as I think it is. We shall see. So far I think I'll get at least two tiers out of the solid, which should be fine. I don't have any pictures yet, and, to be honest, on the circ it looks like I'm making some sort of weird leaf skirt when it's all bunched up. While I'm thinking of it, though, I should point out that I'm very happy with the new nickel plated Susan Bates circ's I picked up for the project. I snagged another one in US 6 size last time I had a 50% off coupon. I also returned the Clover size 3 bamboo circ I'd bought; holy crap were the joins on that the worst or what!? I couldn't even get through one row; I had to transfer everything onto DPN's. Horrible. I've learned the error of my ways; the join isn't a problem on my Epically Huge clover circ's (size 11,13,15) but i now know not to get small sizes in bamboo circs ever again. Sadly, the join on my size 1 addi's snag sometimes, too! I may have to look into their "lifetime guarantee" thing and see what they'll do about that. Luckily my issue with Clover ends with the circ's, cuz I LURVE their DPN's, even if they snap easily, they're much less expensive than the yarn shop ones, and they grip better than the aluminum ones (which I also use the dickens out of).

Ahem. I get passionate about my needles. I was putting away all the circs I'd left scattered about the room the past month or so, and I realized I have a serious investment in needles. Not even counting the ones I've inherited; I probably have several hundred dollars worth of needles. Easily. This is why I don't tally these things; and this is also why I don't stop to consider the value of the Stash either. I just try to appease myself with the thoughts that probably 90% of the stash, not to mention the needles, was purchased on sale or with a coupon. The remaining 10% is either acrylics that cost like $3 a skein or "souvenir" yarns, which will always remind me of a special trip/event.

As far as what's on the needles right now, the Entrelafghan is mostly what I work on at night when I'm trying desperately to take my mind off of EVERYTHING, relax, and doze off. When out and about, I drag the Palindrome Scarf with me. I've been staving off casting on a new "plain stockinette" project (either a pair of socks, or another Purl Beret) until the boy and I make it to a matinee of 9. NOTHING else I have on the needles will be appropriate. I can't keep track of where to cross cables OR cross the cables in a dark theatre, and entrelac is straight out. Still on the needles is the Waving Chevron Scrap Scarf, though that'll be ongoing. No rush on that puppy. The pop tabs bag is on the back burner for now (though I constantly get good ideas for details and scribble them down). The Emu Plume Stole I wish I was working on more. I keep thinking it's more complicated than it is, and when I grab it to work on it, I go "oh, this is really straightforward. Why am I not working on this every day?" Alas. It is progressing slowly. I keep forgetting to work on the beau's socks while he's not around, so who knows when they'll ever get finished. LE SIGH! The Uncle Argyle scarf I will not even talk about right now. Things that need linings, I will hopefully one day just bang those all out...and the only other thing "on the needles" is the recycled bags bag, which I need to work on in small doses since long periods of time knitting on it makes my hands hurt. Wow, I have a short list of projects this month! Hopefully, while working on finals, I can chug out a few "destressor" projects (nothing like stockinette in the round to help focus).