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Oh Boo Hoo.

Disclaimer: I'm feeling kinda down, emotional (hormonal), and really upset about a few things that came to light recently, so this won't be the happiest entry I've ever made. I just really wish the world would stop crapping on people I care about. :(

So. I never was a big knit blog reader; I collect books like they're going out of style, and not just the pattern books, but anything having even remotely to do with knitting. I fell in love with the Susan Gordon Lydon books, and was devastated when she passed away. But blogs? Only in the past year have I started to dabble in the knit blogosphere. My M.O. is to start way back at the beginning of the archives (or read them in reverse; that's fun too sometimes), and just read through the blog, y'know, a few entries here and there, until I get through them all. Sometimes I abandon the blog after that, sometimes I keep checking for new entries (like Grumperina's and BrooklynTweed). The biggest effort to date on this matter has been the Yarn Harlot blog, which I'm not even through the 2006 archives yet on, so it'll take a while to get current. But I've noted a few trends in a lot of these knit blogs and I feel like I'm missing out on a few things, or I'm just doing something wrong.

First, I'm not a social knitter. AT. ALL. I mean, I knit when I'm out, and my friends are sometimes horrified, sometimes amused, but always with eyebrows raised. I've knit at rock shows and at restaurants, and always during movies. But I have never once partaken of a Stitch N Bitch. I've never taken a knitting class, never hung out with other knitters just knitting to knit, other than with my beau's mom or with my Gram. Well, sometimes I knit with my beau, too, but he hasn't gotten to the obsessive knitting point yet. I've never knit with a bunch of strangers, or people who became friends because of knitting. It was recently decided that the knitters from my beau's family's havurah would start a stitch n bitch, including me, but that was just decided last weekend. Maybe I'll discover what I've been missing?

Another thing that seems to be a trend that I haven't witnessed is about crazed holiday knitting. I have certainly been awake up till wee hours of the morning Christmas day finishing a gift for that day. However, among my friends, I don't have this problem I keep reading about people asking for certain things. I don't get broadly dropped hints from people saying, well...you know, I lost that hat I loved, the red one? Man, I wish I could get a hat just like it, but I haven't seen them ANYWHERE...WINK WINK. No. I get the reaction on gift-giving days of..."socks? really? Um...wow, thanks." Even when they react excitedly, I have yet to see my knits "in the wild" other than one exception: Harry Potter Scarves. I mean, I am certainly pleased and honored that scarves I have made have kept my friends warm at Platform 9 3/4, and have seen the midnight showings of every HP film since the day they were finished. That I find awesome (and am flattered that my friends care enough to wear them even when the movies premiere in JULY). I'm also flattered about these scarves that they are worn, even when said friends are not expecting to see me at the events they're wearing them to. Truly "in the wild." But other items? I dunno. I guess I'm not reading my friends' style correctly? Or making things in the wrong colors? I mean, I've even made things with yarn my friends have chosen, and not once seen them wear it. I've made fingerless gloves for people, only to never see them on after that day, and see them wear pilly store-bought ones in my presence instead. Of course, my beau isn't in this category; he sometimes steals things I've made even before I've woven in the ends and starts wearing them, even if I think they're a tad too feminine (he doesn't care. He's a feminist. At least that's his excuse):
Rusty Foliage Hat

His mother also wears handknits constantly, and though I don't make her a lot of things, since she knits herself, she wears all of them and gushes to anyone who will listen about them. So, that sorta makes up for it, I guess? I dunno, I just read things on these blogs where the writer is complaining about all the demands on their knitting time from other people. I wish I had that problem. :(
The ONE exception to all of this (the one knitted object I see "in the wild"), not from the beau is this friend and this hat(on the right, though I did also make the hat on the left):
Fair Isle Hats modeled and much loved :)

In other news, I've been up to my neck in schoolwork, but luckily I had projects I could work on while reading. I also attended 4 different services in the past 9 days (one conversion, one Bat Mitzvah, and two Rosh Hashannah services), which, although I wouldn't have wanted to be elsewhere for any of them (they were all wonderful!), that was four days I lost most of my studying time to spiritual endeavors. So, on the in-between days, I haven't gotten a lot of "personal knitting" done. Because of this, I was as shocked as anyone else would be that, while reading up on media violence and its effect on children, I finished the Palindrome Scarf. Just like that. It feels good to finish things! AND I exercised extreme restraint and once again did not cast on something new.
Sawtooth borders also make me feel smart
(it's so much bigger than this now...at least four times the size...sigh.)
The other night, in a fit of annoyance at having to cart around the book while working on the Emu Plume Stole, I traced the chart from the book, and also charted the annoying border, which wasn't charted in the book for some reason...? I mean to say that the fact that the border is written out longhand and the pattern for the lace is a chart is annoying; the border itself is lovely. So lovely, in fact, that I would knit as scarf just of that border! Yarn overs on right AND wrong sides? YO's to begin a row? You had me at yo...but I digress. I copied the chart and freed my lovely stole from house arrest. Now I can take it on the go...if I ever go anywhere. Well, I did take a walk at the lake today with the beau, and was able to do at least one square on the Entrelafghan, but you know what I mean. I worked on the stole while watching an Anorexia video for class yesterday, so I was able to make sure the chart was okay while still in the same place as the book, if I needed to change anything. So far so good!

I'm starting to think that this is the fewest projects I've had on the needles in several years. Even the "unfinished projects" I have listed are actually finished with their knitting or crocheting; they just need fabric linings. I'm shocked. I'm neither happy nor sad really about it...just surprised. I like that it's forcing me to pick up the long-term projects like the stole and the afghan when I need to knit something. BUT! It won't last. I know, once I get a few more tiers in onto that afghan, it is not leaving the house. It will be too huge and heavy to work on while on the go. MAYBE it would be able to come on a trip if I was going to have time at night before bed to work on it or something. Maybe I should bring it to NYC with me on Tuesday, before it gets put on house arrest, in place of the stole. I also hope to remember to block the seaweed scarf tomorrow (Yeah, I STILL have not blocked it...) so I can try to wear it Tues, so I can see if it irritates my neck (I'm expecting it to). Also, THAT reminds me that I need to set up an appointment for the allergy tests. I do have these things written down, but we see how good I've become about following my to-do list...

To-do right now? Finish the square I'm doing on the Entrelafghan and GO TO SLEEP!