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I keep forgetting I have my own blog...

I've been starting at the very beginning of blogs and working my way through their archives, and now I'm pretty much down to The Yarn Harlot, and I'm finally into this calendar year! Not quite caught up, but it's been very interesting to follow the journey.

I had huge hopes to put up a pretty decent entry, but earlier this week, the beau was using the laptop, and the dog jumped in his lap, and now my e and w keys are acting up. It makes it really frustrating to type. Anywho.

There was gallivanting since my last post, which I do need to update about. But the other day, a momentous occasion occurred, where I gathered up maybe 85% of the knits I needed to photograph, and got some pretty nice shots, if I say so myself.
Picot en pointe

Even the pupster was amenable to model.
Cloudy Alpaca

And she even helped me knit a few rows...
This shot shows the true red (it's not pink AT ALL)

The top picture shows the completed Orange Limonade Jaywalkers, with a dashing picot edge, knit in fabulous yarn from knittyarcrafts.etsy.com. They are destined for holiday gifting greatness. The middle pic is the shawl I whipped up in a day (I KNOW!) out of local New Jersey Alpaca (more on that another time) to wear at the Big E, which I'd never been to before. A shame for a native New Englander to admit that, but it's true. I will eventually blog that whole experience, and share the bazillion pictures of farm animals (awesome). I was grateful to have that shawl, after all, since it rained torrentially, complete with tornado warnings, the entire day we were there. Anyway, that's a story for another time.

In other news, it is SOCTOBERFEST again! w00t! Last year, I joined the Mystery Sock KAL, spearheaded by Through the Loops, and made these:
Sock Knitting + Mythbusters = <3

They turned out really cool (I keep saying I'm going to knit another pair out of a less busy yarn...), so of course I was excited to hop on board again. Behold!
Mystery socks with another pink flower :D

That was taken after completing Clue #1. I've done 2 repeats of the pattern for clue #2, and I dig the leg pattern. I haven't been overly enthused about the "cuff" clues for either sock, but I suppose I just like a good, plain ribbed or picot edge. That's not so exciting in a Mystery KAL, though, so I can understand. Were I to repeat either pattern, I'd tone down the cuffs, though. I'm working this year's socks out of the leftover yarn from the Anastasia socks, purchased from HandSpunandDyedToo.etsy.com. I'm hoping I don't run out. Though a differently colored toe may prove interesting. Hm. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Earlier, I finished a pair of Ken gloves, which was a quick project. I'll write more when I take pics (I really need to work on that). This leaves the "active" project list a little more manageable. In the past few days, though, I have CO two new projects, a Quant out of Caron Simply Soft Shadows, and a plain pair of toe-up socks in Paton Stretch Sock. The latter is for car and movie knitting (we went to the movies the other day to see 9, and I thought I could work on the entrelafghan...and ended up having to rip back and fix things, actually LOSING time on the project. Never again). I'm still deciding how many more repeats I'll do on the mystery sock leg (out of concern for the yarn amount), and the Emu Plume stole is limping along...
Emu Plume Stole, unstretched.

But I made some terrific headway on the "pop tabs...thing" earlier this week. I just went where inspiration took me, and I'm very happy! I took pics, but I need better ones, and that deserves an entry all to itself. I really love cool, weird recycling projects like this!

Tomorrow I may be getting a new computer (this one will be retiring to do Gram's bidding: All Mah Jongg, all the time). Hopefully a new phone (that's misbehaving even worse than the laptop!) as well. I'm trying not to go overboard though, since in one week...