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Halfway to Rhinebeck

So, I'm trying to be quiet, in a hotel room with the beau and his mom, who are soundly sleeping woolly dreams in anticipation of our trip to the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival (lovingly referred to among fiber-types simply as "Rhinebeck" after the town in which it is located). None of us have ever been there, and of course it's supposed to rain. And be 40 degrees. As of 2am, the forecast no longer calls for snow, but it has been threatened in the past few days.

I'm not really sure what to expect. I mean, we went to the Big E a few weeks ago, and I kinda feel like this will be the animal part of that...ON CRACK. Plus, I know there will be more than two different yarn vendors there (Seriously, at the Big E there were more sheep than people, but only a few dozen skeins of yarn in the whole place? FOR SHAME!) I've read on a few blogs the accounts of their past trips to Rhinebeck, and I know I'm in for an overwhelming treat. I followed some advice I read in an article (I don't remember the magazine; I was flipping through it at a bookstore) about how to survive wool festivals. I put aside the amount of money I'm willing to spend, and that is all I am bringing with me. I made a list of specific yarns and amounts I'm looking to buy. And I'm bringing along the beau, who can tell me when I'm being crazy (time will tell if I actually listen to him). The boy is excited about the wine tasting and cheese sampling and animal petting. He injured his foot, and really shouldn't be walking around too much, so his plan is to mostly stick near the wine. HA!

In other news, I'm typing this on my brand new laptop! It's an Acer, and a full-size (I was waffling on full size or netbook for months). Basically, it's the big brother of the netbook the boy bought a few months ago for school. I'm happy because now I have a laptop that's only 5 lbs and actually portable...and has an awesome battery life, as well as a card reader slot (HUGE plus, since my camera's software BLOWS. Now I don't need it!). So far, I am quite pleased. A few things are annoying to me (like the page up and page down keys both on the f-key row, and the touchpad is off-center to the left), but I'm otherwise entirely enamoured.

The typing (however quiet, much quieter than any other computer I've ever had!) seems to be just loud enough to cause some stirring. I'm off!