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Leaping through piles of yarn

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Having been an avid (bordering on obssessive) knitter for several years, making more gifts than any of my friends could possibly ever need, I decided to share my creations with the world, through my shop at knitnfrog.etsy.com. Since the recipients of my gifts have mostly been around my age, my items tend to be funky, but not trendy, though I have been known to make a doily or lace shawl or two. My tastes are eclectic, and it tends to show in my craft. So does a deep-seeded love for all things Tim Burton, Harry Potter, and animal-related, particularly frogs.

Having a wool allergy myself, I've been forced to be creative with items I keep, and I am full of ideas for those out there who have the same problem.

Gift wrapping is available upon request!

Other items I have made can be viewed on my flickr page:

If you are interested in custom made items, I am more than happy do so. Actually, I'm ECSTATIC to do so!! I love the idea of making something that is completely individually YOURS, exactly the way you want it!! If any custom work you require you'd like made of wool, I will only work with high-quality wools (it's all I can knit with that won't irritate my skin!), so the cost will reflect the price of the materials.
Please send any inquiries to knitandfrog@yahoo.com, and I'll let you know what I can do for you as soon as I can!!

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