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Technology used in ways in which they were never intended...

While this has nothing to do with knitting...it is truly bizarre enough to share with the world (should anyone happen to stumble upon this blog and actually read it). Today, my beau left his phone at home. When he got to class, he realized this...and realized he had forgotten to print a paper that was due for that class. With no phone at his disposal, what could he do? Abuse technology, that's what. He had his netbook in class, and access to the internet. He pulled up Twitter, and started sending me @replies, knowing that they would be sent to me via text message, and hopefully the texts would wake me up. The texts instructed me to sign onto Facebook, where he posted instructions on how I could help him. I needed to get to his desktop computer and email him the file that was still open.
When he didn't hear from me after the first hour of his 3 hour class, he figured he was screwed, and updated his status on Facebook to reflect this. A mutual friend (who lives three states away) commented, and asked how she could help. At this point, the boy admitted that he doesn't know my phone number by heart (not that there are pay phones anywhere near his campus. Way to go, Rutgers). The mutual friend happens to have my number in her phone, and (in a thankful flash of brilliance on her part) she emails the number to him (not posting it on his facebook for everyone to swipe). His next plan is to borrow a classmate's phone during their break in class, though I have made it well known that I do not answer my phone for numbers I do not recognize (I have had my phone number for over 6 years, and when I first got this number, I was harassed constantly by calls at all hours of the night with people frantically yammering in spanish. I speak spanish, but not very well at 4am. After a while, those stopped, but then I started getting calls from collection agencies and bail bond places and lawyers, all for the same name...so I tend not to answer strange numbers; I return calls when messages are left). So...I did not answer the strange phone number. I had, at this point, become aware of the chain of twitter texts...and facebook posts...and missed calls... and done my girlfriendly duty by saving his ass.

Technology is so weird.