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When I stop posting for a long time I end up writing posts that are way too long...

Eh, long time no type, and all that fun "I'm a horrible blogger" stuff. I actually claimed the username on Blogger, to either migrate the blog over there, or not have any personal stuff on that blog...or maybe just for info on finished projects or patterns, maybe? I have not decided yet. But I did decide that when I start adding stuff over there, I want to start with the Entrelafghan...which is FINISHED other than the crocheted edging, btw. I just can't find the crochet hook I want to use to edge it, and the rush to finish seems like such a waste now. BLARGH.
Entrelafghan! Done other than the edging...Modeled on a queen sized bed

I wanted to update in here with a bazillion knitting things, but I probably won't say everything I would like to, because, y'know, I need to sleep sometime. Anyway. Recent history basically is that I started a new semester the first week of January, and basically since the second week of January...I have been sick. Like...ugh, completely lethargic, multiple cold/flu symptoms, trouble breathing, fever, hacking cough...SICK. I finally went to the doctor last Tuesday and the suspicion is that it has lasted so long because the underlying cause is ALLERGIES. I need to get everything cleared up so that I can finally get allergy tested and either remove the allergens that are most troublesome, or remove myself from the allergen-filled situations. We will discover what needs to be done at that time.

In the lingering sickness, I succeeded in getting myself ridiculously far behind in ALL THREE of my courses this semester. It is my first semester taking three courses instead of two (They are accelerated semesters, which means condensed coursework...meaning you can fall behind twice as fast as regular undergrad classes that are 14 weeks), and I haven't even had a chance to adjust to the added coursework. Thankfully, my professors are being incredibly understanding (one of their super-nice emails actually made me cry. No joke), and I feel I owe it to them to get myself caught up as quickly as I can handle, and hand in absolutely stellar work. The motivation is there...now if these medications didn't cause me to fall asleep in the middle of my hundreds of pages of readings...

So. KNITTING! I have been trying to get some knitting done, as I can keep myself awake longer doing the readings if I have my hands occupied. I got a lot done on a second pair of stretch socks (the same yarn and needles and basic pattern as the first pair, but sized for MEEEEE instead! Aw for couple-y matchy socks!) when I was really sick, since they are just stockinette. I had cast on a while back for a pair of Nutkins socks (but modified quite a bit...I will have to give them their own entry at some point), but for some reason I feel very sluggish working on them. The Dream in Color Smooshy is lovely, and the Gothic Rose colorway I am using is stunning...it's semi-solid but has so many different shades mixed in...just...wow. Unfortunately, it is also rough on my hands? It doesn't have a lot of give while knitting, and the pattern is on every row, and tight...I wonder if the stress is also making me knit tighter, causing this to be more of a problem? I am not sure, but suffice to say not much progress is being made on these socks lately.
Smooshykins socks in natural light-2 repeats done!

When the beau and I ventured to Canada in November (yeah...I managed not to write about that at all, either. My computer basically quit right around then, so that is the fundamental cause of the radio silence), I started to whip up some knits out of the first two skeins of Malabrigo worsted I ever purchased. The Blue Surf colorway was worked up into a Birthday Cowl (I call mine the Anniversary Cowl, being knit going into our two year anniversary - awwww :D ); and even extending the length a good deal, I had a bunch left over. I cast the leftover yarn on for two-at-a-time mitts (knowing they wouldn't end up being huge, there wasn't a ton left), in the same stitch pattern as the cowl. When I ran out of the blue, I decided to add some ribbing with the other colorway, a coordinating Charrua (brown with the same blue running through it). The results are like so:

Malabrigo anniversary mitts :DMalabrigo anniversary mitts reversed - how versatile! ;)

With the rest of the skein of charrua, I wanted to make a hat (both neck and hands were covered...head needed some malabrigo love, right!?). So, in scouring my ravelry queue, I revisited the Bombshell Betty pattern, and thought it would look interesting in the variegated colorway. I made a bunch of notes on ravelry about the process of knitting it (in one night), so I will just say that, even with adding extra length and width, it turned out too small.
Froggie's own malabrigo aviator hat! Too bad it's too small. :(

I frogged back to where I had stopped increasing for the center panel, and added another few rows of increases. Hopefully I will have better news and a (much) better picture...with a happy face along with it...very soon!

With all the stress recently with school and my illness, some other outside stressors have come into play, which I will not delve into here. Unfortunately, one of them came to a head in the past few days, and there was some extra turmoil around, which made me flip out a bit and fold in on myself. I started looking at yarn to calm me down. I had decided that a nice package of yarn heading my way would make me smile a little even if everything else seemed bad. I put it off, thinking really hard about EXACTLY what I wanted, and in the meantime did some cleaning that had been neglected while I was completely bedridden. Part of the organizing I wanted to get done was to at least make a bigger dent in my ziploc-bagging of yarns that already had been assigned to projects (as well as updating my ravelry queue to remind me that I had yarn for said projects already picked out). In just one hour of doing this, I was not only personally satisfied by the organization, but also blissed out from fondling yarn...I was shocked to see how much yarn I had that I was still "shopping" for (I kept hounding myself that I always buy variegated sock yarns, but want to make these patterns that would look better in solids, so I think *need solid sock yarn*...and I found I have...a LOT of solid sock yarn. A lot). So, I was happy to make the realization that if I feel like I need to buy some yarn...I can shop from my own stash! I am perilously close to SABLE proportions, here, folks. And I proudly twittered earlier that I had only bought 3 skeins of yarn so far this year, and they were all specifically needed to finish a project...thus conveniently forgetting that I left TWO yarn shops in NYC last week with yarn. One store only yielded one small ball of sock yarn, but School Products (!!!!!) yielded a skein of yak (!!!!) and a CONE of like 2000 yards of luscious merino tweed for a hemlock ring blanket...or two. That could take a while. Also? MANY long-term shawl projects either started or planned:
-Emu Plume Stole (on the needles)
-Dianna shawl out of the crazy zauberball
-Super Spiral Shawl (green merino, wound into a cake, ready to CO!)
-Second skein of green merino into a shawl, likely for Gram (her birthstone color) - maybe a pi shawl?
-Mega hank of purple from rhinebeck into a shawl
-Mega hank of silver form rhinebeck into a shawl
-Swirl Shawl out of the Jojoland Melody I already bought for it
-Cozy shawl (from knitty) out of the remaining yarn recycled from a thrift store sweater
-Jeanie(from knitty) out of the bare yarn I bought specifically to dye to make the Jeanie

...yup. That is a lot of shawls. I can keep myself out of trouble for YEARS just on those! I also have dozens of sock patterns that I want to make, with at LEAST a dozen queued with matching yarn already paired and ready to go! Once I get more ziploc bags, I will be in business in the Major Stash Organization of 2010. I also have put aside a lot of yarn and notions that I will be destashing once I take decent pictures and actually bother to list them on etsy!!

Some exciting news of the last few days was that, in tying up loose ends with my WIP's (which I would LOVE to get under control...a possible knitting olympics effort?) I pulled out the Argyle socks I started for the beau in 2008. I had one sock completed at that time, and the second sock was already ripped back once, and now had some significant work done on it. When I pulled it out to see if I could focus on argyle for more than an hour...I found that I only had 20 minutes of argyle left to do on the sock. I discovered this by finishing the argyle portion in 20 minutes. o.O I fail. Fail, fail fail. This should have been done eons ago, and I know that. These puppies deserve their own post, as well, but I will say that I finished the foot of the second sock within two days of finishing the 20 minutes of argyle (stockinette foot worked perfectly with reading, too. Score!), and I finished, on one sock, the wedge of calf shaping I decided to add (again, a full post *should* follow to explain) tonight. So...now these puppies are 95% complete, and I now plan to present them to the boy for valentines (even though I think it is a stupid holiday and we are not going out to dinner or anything - as far as I know - and I could go off on vday, but I will stop) instead of holding onto them until his birthday (in May).

With those done, and once the Entrelafghan is done, most of what is languishing on the needles that is not in "active hibernation" (how great of an oxymoron is that!?) really just needs lining...which I have big plans to finish in the week between semesters (which just happens to fall on the beau's spring break week!), on a visit to my grandmother...and her always-at-the-ready sewing machine. (I also want to turn a pair of the beau's old pants that got ripped into a kickin' khaki skirt for myself while I have the access!) Then, basically, it's the emu plume stole and the pop tabs thing that need to get more attention than they do. I really need to make sure I stop ignoring them for such long stretches!

So...here's to keeping myself updated better, however I find is the best way to do so. If I migrate completely over to blogger, I will be sure to link over there from here, although I have a sneaking suspicion that I am only talking to myself. That is not a problem...I just want to get the notes down for my projects, as well as have a place to vent when needed. :D